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Our fans are saying...

Reviewers are saying...

“Great Fun”

"Struck is an excellent strategy puzzle type game.  Extremely addicting, and a great challenge for you and your friends.  I highly recommend this app." - a13579a


"Nicely conceived, fine artwork, good play; thanks for this one!  Winner!" - Snargleblatt

“Love Struck”

"I love Struck.  Very fun and innovative.  I would play the single player puzzles, they teach you strategy..." - 010derek010


"Incredible artwork, superb music, and an innovative strategy game make for one of the best games on the iPhone platform...A very fun and wonderfully casual game that will take much time to master.  Well done!" - Poopnut

“Board Game Fans”

"I think [Struck] will appeal to anyone that likes classic board games.  It has simple rules, but endless scenarios."


“I don’t even like

board games”

"But I like this.  The rules are surprisingly simple, multiple undo with each turn makes learning/trying easy, and the tutorial ramped me up quickly from now knowing how to play to trying to get my friends into it." - YorThot

..a fascinating and complex puzzle game..."

"...let's hope Struck can successfully bring some originality to a genre on the iPhone that's otherwise dominated by traditional boardgames."

"[Struck] pulls from board games like Checkers, Backgammon, Chess and Othello, throwing them all into this melting pot app to create a bizarre game you wouldn’t be surprised to see Spock contemplating aboard the Enterprise."

"...players will become addicted to this puzzling gem and will continue to play it time and time again."